torsdag 3 december 2015

Trendy Scent is reaching out

The trendy hair & spa salon SCENT shows support in the fight to combat injustices

Yesterday I had a meeting with the Director of the trendy hair and spa salon SCENT, Mr. Vijay Lobo. As it turned out, Vijay is not only a very successful business owner, he has also been involved in fighting poverty and give help to the needy. He has had a huge commitment towards development issues, and he has worked a lot with orphaned children in the past. Now with his own children growing up, businesses are doing well, he says that he wants to give back to community. Further more, he said that everything is not about money, about gaining yourself all the time. It is such a relief to see when people are showing support. I am sure we can do something great together, to benefit less fortunate girls and women at Vidyaranya's Ujjawala shelter. 

As many of you already know, Scent has a very trendy and modern salon at Lavelle rd, and is present at some other locations as well. You can check Scent out here:

Me and Vijay, at Scent Lavell rd

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