torsdag 19 november 2015

"Encrustd" clothes collection - and Vidyaranya

"Encrustd" clothes collection and Vidyaranya 
- a possible way forward for a charity/ fashion event

Today I met with the owner of Encrustd, which is a new clothes fashion brand here in Bangalore. Encrustd has launched its debut collection offering fresh perspectives on dressing, and a new way to shop (personal shopping and home parties e.g.). I find most of the clothes to be sophisticated, yet with a sexy look. Sparkle and embellishment shift into day with sophistication, and simple separates are elevated with contemporary interpretations. The clothes also have a more western look. 

At our lunch meeting we discussed how Encrustd could reach out better to the expat crowd, and doing an event for a charity cause at the same time. This could be a good opportunity for a CSR-initiativ of the company, and at the same time the NGO Vidyararnya and the victims of trafficking could gain from greater visibility and of course from some funds raised. More information will come soon, but please do visit their website:

Below are a few of my favorites. And, thank you kindly dear friend Kaveri, for setting up this meeting! 

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