onsdag 11 november 2015

Diwali celebration ...

Site visit to cheer the girls up with Diwali sweets

Yesterday me, new volunteer Steph and another woman named Thea (who is traveling India at the moment) went to the shelter to cheer the girls up with some Diwali sweets. We and a few friends bought some sweets, and friends also donated some clothes. During our last visit the girls was in a quite bad place, due to a recent death in the shelter. Of course some sweets can make up for their loss and make them feel better, but we tried, and are trying our best.

Me and the girls. Time to eat some sweets!

The girls invited us for tea and sweets, also driver Anil, and happily showed us around. I think the girls really appreciate when we come and do something to try to help them, and they are really taking pride in everything they accomplish in terms of handicraft. The girls have been making handicrafts that they will sell at one of the NGOs upcoming events, Children's Festival in Cubbon Park this weekend. 

New volunteer Steph, Thea, Shilpa and her daughter

Shilpa, now a social worker but a former victim, told us that she has started up a bank account and is now saving money for her daughter every month. I think this is really good! She is really taking care and responsibility for her daughter. As mentioned before, Shilpa's daughter survived in her mother's womb during her captivity and sexual slavery. Her daughter has her birthday next month, which we definitely will take part in celebrating.

Yesterday I got some other great news. Swedish Chamber of Commerce said that they will organize the Christmas dinner with the Swedish companies on the 5th of December so that we also can fundraise on behalf of the Ujjawala shelter. Unfortunately this means that my next "run for a cause" needs to be postponed, but that's ok since the Christmas dinner will be a great opportunity for the NGO. 

Of course Tono watch over us ;)

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