söndag 1 november 2015

Visit with possible new volunteering, and sad news ...

Visit to shelter with friend, and delivery of sad news

A few days ago I went to the shelter (one of my regular visits) with a friend, and possible new volunteer. As it has turned out, I might be gone a lot next year, hence we need some more help for the girls in the shelter. This day, Stefanie and me delivered rise and sugar (from my very sweet landlord), hair oil, baby cream, biscuits, baby and adult clothes and some other stuff. 

This day we got to hear some very sad news. One of the long-term stay girls had died, due to unknown reasons. She had probably been sick for a long time, but we will probably never get to know what it was that caused her death. The others in the shelter was very sad, of course. Me and Stefanie decided that we are gonna try to cheer them up a bit soon, with making a Diwali celebration.  If anyone want of you want to chip in, please let us know.

Stefanie Rylander

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