lördag 19 december 2015

Run & Shop for a Cause

Run for a Cause and Christmas market 

Me & Rakesh
On Sunday the 13th of December I ran my first half Marathon, actually I ran for a cause, for victims of sex trafficking. I was a bit nervous since I've never run this long distance before, but my friend Rakesh was also there. It was really fun to attend and complete the race, and at the same time awareness was raised about the victims of sex trafficking.

Santa hands out gifts
Later, the same afternoon, I made it back to our apartment complex to sit in a stall during our Christmas market in PB. I shared a stall with Danish/ Canadian friends and together we sold "ris à la malta" and Danish cookies. I also brought some of the girls from the shelter to the market so that they could do some income generating activities. So next to our stall three girls from the NGO sat, and they sold handcrafted items. This was not only a form of income generating activities for the girls, but also awareness raising. During this event participant could also donate towards charity. 

Vidyaranya stall
Our stall

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