onsdag 9 december 2015

Clothes party to benefit victims of sex trafficking

Fashion clothes designer Deepa, with the brand Encrustd, supports victims of sex trafficking in a astonishing way 

Deepa, me and Deepa (from Encrustd)

Me and Daniella
in DnR collection
In "Diamonds and Rust" we all came together. Yesterday, 9th of December, there was a home party in my flat. The very generous and kindhearted business woman Deepa Chikarmane, with the brand Encrustd, displayed and sold clothes from her new collection called Diamond and Rust. Not only did Deepa want to sell her clothes,  and do brand marketing, Deepa's commitments stretches far beyond this. She doesn't only focus on being a successful business woman, she is doing it with a CSR-focus, to benefit victims of sex trafficking. 

To build and sustain brands that people really like, one must focus, not only on today but on tomorrow as well. To short term with long term goals is not easy, however, it is the key deliver sustainable, profitable growth. A growth that is good for all stakeholders, employees, consumers, business partners, as well as our surrounding communities. Deepa knows and understands this. Hence, she decided to support victims in our shelter with some percentage from the sales at the home party. This in turn will help former victims to get training and to become self sustainable. A lot of people bought clothes, they mingled, had some wine and finger food. In total, it was a success! I can not thank you enough Deepa! And thanks all of you who shopped for a good cause!

It takes many years to build a good reputation, but it only takes minutes to ruin it. Encrusted takes CSR to a whole new level, and I hope many will follow in their good steps.  

You can check out and order Deepa's clothes here: http://www.encrustd.com

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