onsdag 1 juli 2015

Site visit to shelter with a friend

In the beginning of June my dear swedish friend Emelie accompanied me to the Ujjawala shelter, in order to deliver some food and hygienic items for every day use. Some of the items received were lentils, biscuits, shampoo, sponges for washing, combs and hair brushes. The girls also gave us the latest news and showed us around. They were very happy to show us their beautician items they used in their training to become beauticians. and they also showed us material for their sewing course. This day we also tried taking some photos that could be used for the upcoming cocktail charity event. Beneficiaries of the event will be the victims in this shelter, Vidyaranya's Ujjawala shelter. Me and my friend also sat down and spoke with the girl victims and the shelter staff. The girls blessed us with some bindis.

Emelie and me 

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