lördag 11 april 2015

Going forward - support from the Government and possibly SCCI

On the 4th of April, the Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment of India, Shri Vijay, visited some of the NGO Vidyaranya's projects. Member or Parliament, Shri Avinash, and the Director for Welfare of Disabled people, Shri Jayanna, accompanied the Minister. The Minister praised the good work of Vidyaranya, and hoped he would have more time during next visit to Bangalore, for further visits to the NGO and its beneficiaries.

Minister Shri Vijay greeting beneficiaries in Mandur

On the 10th of April another important meeting took place on behalf of the NGO Vidyaranya, as I had a very productive lunch meeting with the General Manager for Swedish Chamber of Commerce India (SCCI), Ms. Sara Larsson. Besides meeting Sara Larsson, I also had the opportunity to meet Ms. Dolly Berry, responsible for Operations and Events at SCCI, and Ms. Saloni Zaveri-Ahluwalia, Public Relations Manager at the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi.

One topic we discussed was how swedish corporates can play in invaluable role in supporting victims of gender based violence (such as sex trafficking of girls and women), amongst other injustices. Further, we talked about an intent to start an official forum, or platform, on how swedish corporates better can utilize their CSR-funds. And for this, I hope Vidyaranya and the victims at their sex trafficking shelter can be a part of - all fingers crossed!

I almost forgot to mention ...  Unfortunately Scania had to postpone their intended site vist to Vidyaranya's shelter for sex trafficked victims. However, they mentioned that they will come and visit us soon. 

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