onsdag 30 september 2015

Healthy corporate social responsibility - charity fit

Do you want to encourage your employees and contribute to their health,
Me and Noomi, prep-work for the 18th

while helping women and girls who are victims of human trafficking?

Then register for "Bengaluru Marathon 2015" and make a small donation by using the link below (you can give 500 rupees, or more, it is totally up to you). The run takes place on the 18th of October. You do not have to run of course. Walk, jog or run. For the really active ones there is the full and half marathon (42 and 21 k), but you can also do the 5 k run. It does not matter, as long as you show your support to less fortunate people!

Human trafficking is a crime against
humanity, and it needs our attention
Do something for your health, at the same time as you are doing something good! You can also simply pep others simply by making a donation! Why am I doing this? Because development issues, such as women and children’s rights, are for me crucial core issues to work with in order to promote democracy, and hence to combat injustices. And human trafficking is a crime against humanity which needs our attention.

Whether you are overloaded at work, or a full-time mom, there is nowadays no excuse not to exercise really (unless you are sick of course). As most of you probably already know, exercising regularly (at least 30 minutes in total every day) not only improves your body's fitness, it also reduces stress. Being active can boost your immune system, self confidence and distract you from your daily worries - so come and join us at the run! And yes, I will also participate, of course.


These former victims need our help

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