lördag 20 december 2014

Indpro, SCCI and Scania ...

Now I really wanted to start my work! The first thing that I had on my list, in my quest to support the sex trafficked victims, was to start contact the swedish corporate world in Bangalore. I figured that the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in India (SCCI) or Busineess Sweden could possibly and hopefully function as some type of facilitators. As it turned out, both SCCI, Indpro[1] and Scania, at the moment, seem to be interested. As mentioned by the CEO of SCCI, Sara Larsson, it would be good if the swedish corporates could come together as to build a platform and cooperate where it is possible and utilize CSR in areas where it is really needed, such as on gender issues, including sex work and trafficking.

Indpro was the first swedish company to openly express their support. CSR-responsible person at Scania, Lisen Thulin, asked for a site visit next year. So, we are holding our fingers crossed. I also called my contact up at the Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD) in Bangalore and we agreed to meet soon. DWCD will take part of my findings from the research that I undertook. Hopefully my research, and other research reports, can show the needs and gaps as experienced in field, and possibly present a way forward to respond to the rights of the victims.

The private sector can play an invaluable role in fighting human (sex) trafficking, and show their support to victims. The private sector can for example employ people (trainee spots etc.), raise awareness about trafficking to and through their employers, sponsor events, donate money and equipment. Indpro seem to be in the forefront to support victims of sex trafficking, but hopefully others will soon follow their good example - and they too openly express their support!

[1]. Indpro is a swedish company that focus on 'blended sourcing' for companies seeking support in IT. Indpro provide experienced consultants and project managers within a variety of services, such as system development, mobile applications, construction and design in CAD and BIM, amongst other. For more info go to: http://www.indpro.se

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